If you're wondering whether or not you're going to like what Big Kahuna  salt scrub and lotions can do for you, here's what others who've used our product have told us:
"My splits and cracks have healed. Whenever I feel a new one starting, I start rubbing extra oil on the spot."

Customer for Life - Joe

"I love my skin! It has never been so soft. Keep up the good work! "


"The reason I am sending you this email is to let you know just how happy I am using your product. I use it every time I take a bath. At first I only used it on my hands but now I use it all over my whole body.

I will be 59 years old in July and I have never had an even skin tone. Since I have been using your product that has changed. I get a lot of compliments on just how healthy my skin looks.

Oh, yes, it has even helped my wrinkles, it seems they have just gone away. You really have to look to see them. I have always had dry skin and nothing I ever bought did any good until I got Big Kahuna now all that has changed. My skin is now so soft.

Thank you very much for your product!"


"I work all day with my hands and they get so dry and cracked. My daughter-in-law let me use some of your salt scrub while I was doing remodeling work on their bathroom and I couldn't believe how it helped my hands. I had been going through bottles and bottles of lotion. No more! A little of your scrub goes a long way and it really works! Thanks."


I bought your salt scrub this weekend at the Denver Merchandise Mart--Quilt show. I've been using it for three days and my feet feel like someone else's. I love it!!!!


I have a needlework design business , and the ladies are always looking for hand softening products - and the fact that yours ARE NOT greasy is a godsend when you are working with linen that can run $80.00 a yard !!!!!!!

Thanks again - Valeri

"I do my wife's feet and my hands get done at the same time! No more sandpaper hands. Now we're both happy! Thanks Big Kahuna."

Marcia & Doug

"I got your product and I absolutely love it! I don't think I will ever be able to shower without it. I had to take it on vacation with me as I was afraid I would have severe withdrawal. I have never found a product like it and I thank you so much. I will never be without it!. THANKS AGAIN! "

Cynthia D.

"It works! I ask myself why I ever wasted time or money on lotion. Thanks so much for your wonderful product! "

Tim B.

After trying a wide variety of skin products, I finally have found lasting relief from my dry, cracked skin with Big Kahuna salt scrub. Thanks!





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