How do Big Kahuna salt scrubs and  lotions help heal splits and cracks?
In three powerful ways. First, the scrub removes dry skin, gently smoothing away calluses and rough spots. Second, it increases blood flow and circulation, which is very nourishing to the skin. Third, each of the oils nourishes the skin in its own way like a super-vitamin for the skin, giving your skin the nutrients it needs to heal cracks and splits and to maintain a soft, healthy rejuvenated skin.

There is also a wonderful synergy that happens with the healing properties of the salt-oil combination. We have found that the oils are not nearly as effective without the sea salts.

Why is it better than traditional lotions?
Most lotions use mineral oil, a petroleum product that stays on top of your skin, so the first time you wash your hands, it washes away, leaving your skin just as dry as before. Our special blend of natural oils absorbs quickly into your skin, nourishing your cells with moisture for hours afterwards, even after you wash your hands.

But won't salt dry out my skin more? And doesn't salt sting?
Surprisingly enough, the combination of sea salts and natural oils has just the opposite effect on skin. Far from drying skin, it will leave your skin softer and more moisturized than ever. Even more surprising to some is the fact that the salt scrub does not sting, but rather feels good on cracked and split hands and feet. In any case, a slight sting would be a small price to pay for the wonderful healing properties of mineral sea salts- as the many people who pilgrimage to the Dead Sea or other mineral waters for healing purposes can attest.

Can I use the scrub on my face? Is it only for hands?
Facial use is NOT recommended, since salt is abrasive and will sting if it gets in your eyes. However, for moisturizing and exfoliating there is nothing better for your hands, feet, and body.

Do you use mineral oil or animal fats?
No, it is best to stay away from mineral oil (petroleum based) such as "baby oil" and oils that contain animal fat. These oils are not absorbed by the skin and tend to form a greasy layer on the skin's surface that can cause irritation.

What types of fragrances do you use?
With the exception of mint, which is an essential oil, we use only the best cosmetic grade fragrances, most of which are derived from natural bases.

What is the shelf life?
Approximately 6 months. Keep lid on and store out of direct sunlight. Refrigeration can help extend life. We use only natural preservatives.

I'm a nurse and wash my hands a hundred times a day. Will this product work for me?
YES! Our salt scrub is especially good for people whose hands are exposed to soaps, chemicals, harsh materials or weather each day.

Is this product only for women?
No.  In fact as many men as women use and love this product daily.  Construction workers, auto mechanics, miners, farmers, gardeners/landscapers, nurses, artists, quilters, painters and many many more rave about our lotions.

Does the oil evaporate?
No.  Eventually the Sea Salt absorbs all the oils.  The oils are then released by gently rubbing.




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