Big Kahuna Body Polish (Sea Salt Scrub) and Lotions make the perfect gift for you or anyone you care about.  Nothing works better to smooth away dry itchy skin and completely moisturize cracked skin than our Body Polish and Lotions. It's perfect on rough elbows and knees.  Don't forget the feet!  Do you know anyone with "sandal" or "alligator" feet?  We used to!  We encourage you to take the challenge and try Big Kahuna just one time!  We will become friends forever.  Use Big Kahuna regularly and your skin will be as soft as a baby's bottom!
Body Polish (Sea Salt Scrub)

Large Size ~ 12.5 oz.

Med. Size ~ 5 oz

Mini Size ~ 2 oz.
When you purchase 2 large jars of Body Polish, you may select free shipping or a free 5 oz jar.  PLEASE indicate your choice in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS/COMMENTS area of the Shopping Cart.
Stick Lotion

.5 oz.
Body Salve


4.0 oz.

Naturally Healing Salve

2.0 oz.

Foot Salve

2.0 oz.
Lip Balm

.5 oz.

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BK Body Butter

4 oz
BK Body Naturally Healing

2.0 oz
BK Moisture/Lotion Stick

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With the exception of our Body Polish, all of our lotions are simply applied onto the skin.  Unlike petroleum based products, Big Kahuna lotions will be quickly absorbed by your skin and go below the surface and get to work at making your skin feel and look good.  We promise!

Now, the Body Polish is used a little differently!  YOU ARE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE THE WORLD'S FINEST SEA SALT SCRUB!  This scrub cleanses and exfoliates the outer layers of the skin by removing dirt and dry skin cells from the skin's surface and leaving it remarkably soft and conditioned.  The salt serves a dual purpose in that its texture provides the abrasion or graininess necessary to "polish" the skin, increase blood circulation and stimulate lymph production to eliminate toxins, while naturally triggering the skin's own oils.  In addition to the wonderful natural benefits of salt, the Big Kahuna adds natural oils that nourish your skin like a daily vitamin, giving you the very best moisture conditioning treatment your skin has ever enjoyed.


How to use Body Polish

Stir very well ~ any spoon will work.  In the beginning the salt will tend to separate from the oil.  Mix gently so as not to splash the oil.  The scrub is highly concentrated and a little goes a very long way.

BODY:  Use as a final step after showering or bathing to smooth and soften the skin.  Apply a small amount of scrub to the body, gently rub, rinse and towel dry.

HANDS:  Apply to wet or dry skin, rub in gently, rinse and pat dry.  Use no more than twice a day (morning and evening).

FEET:  Apply to dry skin.  Rub the scrub into dry, calloused areas such as the heels, for a good minute or so daily.

CRACKS, SPLITS & DRY SPOTS:  To help your skin heal rapidly, massage a drop of scrub oil into the trouble area 2 to 3 times daily.

First-time scrubbers should be gentle on the skin.  Do not abrade or irritate the skin.  Gradually the skin will develop resistance to the scrubbing and then a more vigorous pressure can be enjoyed.  This treatment is very revitalizing and energizing, and the Big Kahuna recommends you use it in the morning.  He says it will get your day started with a good feeling and a smile.  What have you got to lose?


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